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Tips For Your Wedding Videos

Be it in Singapore, or anywhere else… almost all ladies dream of their wedding day and the events therein that will crown one of the most important days of their lives. The wedding will be a culmination of both the bride and groom’s taste and preferences including the presence of a photographer or videographer who will be tasked on capturing the events of the day.

The importance of videography cannot be stressed enough. All the people who could not make it to the wedding are able to see what exactly they missed. The video captures everything that still photos leave out from the vows, the emotions portrayed, the smiles, the intimate moments held dearly by the loved ones. If you are looking for wedding videography service in Singapore, you need to know this.

bridal videography

However, obtaining a recording that entails the video of a previous wedding done. Also get other videos or recordings of elements the videographer considered special in the events. Ensure that your wedding style is in sync with that of the videographer. Confirm that the videographer has a complete grasp of what is expected.

Go through the reviews of the videographer as well as testimonials of the work done. Also, have a read on how to look for the best wedding videographers in Singapore here.

Next, arrow your search by reviewing the rates offered by the various videographers depending on the kind of package offered. The outcome should match the cost charged. Ensure that quality is not compromised. The videographer needs to have a fun, friendly and likable personality as well as someone whom you will be able to relax around and comfortable with.

bridal videography

For one camera setup, have the tripod at the back of the aisle. Make sure you are not close to it so as to avoid distraction, by having the camera a little to the groom side of the aisle. With two cameras, have one camera near the front on the grooms side; the other camera should be at the back of the aisle in the camera position. The second camera should be set up at a wider angle so that not to miss moment, but not too much wide.

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beach wedding for you?

Finding the Perfect Wedding Destination

Picturing your dream wedding is easy, but the problem comes in when you have to actualize your imagination. Having a right venue is very important, as it will make or break your big day. We took quite some time to look around for good venues to actually find the best place we find that it can host our wedding.

Before choosing a wedding destination, there are a number of factors that you need to put in to consideration.

beach wedding for you?

Firstly, look at what kind of style you are thinking of having. What kind of event do you want? Do you prefer your wedding in a formal or informal setting? Would you rather a traditional wedding party or an innovative party? Answering some of this questions will help you narrow down on the most suitable locations. You could decide to choose a spot that will let you have either a day and night party, or both of them. Your style will also determine whether the wedding party will take place indoors or outdoors. Usually, it is easier to find a destination after you have decided on all other elements of the wedding as you will have a theme to stay in line with.

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Also, do note that different wedding venues have different rules and regulations. It is therefore important that you are aware of all rules such that they won’t interfere with your wedding. For instance if you want to serve alcoholic beverages on your wedding day, make sure the destination you choose is okay with that. Other factors you may consider are parking, smoking zones, disabled guests and restrictions to activities like loud singing.



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Best Tunes For Your Big Day

Best Tunes For Your Big Day

So you’ve picked out your dress, filled out the guest list and hired the local caterer company. Agonizing over flower displays and seating arrangements and you are finally done with your months of planning. Or are you? You almost forgot to select the theme song! The theme song can make or break your ceremony, and if you choose it correctly, you can be sure that your wedding will be one that those in attendance never forget. But how do you go about making sure that your song is a perfect fit for your wedding?

Best Tunes For Your Big Day

Just read this article, that’s how! Below are some tips and songs to help you select a piece music to fit the atmosphere that you are aiming to create with your wedding.

Choosing the perfect wedding theme song is a very labor intensive process. Trying to find a song that is a suitable length, expresses the attitudes and atmosphere that your wedding is trying to present, and sits in the perfect range of being relevant and meaningful to all of your guests. I hope the tips presented in this article assisted in the process of choosing your wedding theme song, and I wish anyone reading this a very long and happy marriage.

Best Tunes For Your Big Day

The Reception Entrance
such as “Baby I’m yours” from Arctic Monkeys and “La La Love You” from Pixies

The First Dance
they include the “First Day of My Life” from Bright Eyes and “the Question” from the Old 97’s

The Father-Daughter Dance
“the Gracie” by the Ben Folds and the “Flood of Sunshine” by Posies

The Mother-Son Dance
the “Opened My Eyes” from Straw Dogs and the “Only You” from Joshua Radin

All-American wedding style

The style consist of giant, outdoor rock concerts. The wedding mixes tradition with plenty of fun. The concerned parties pack dance floor and maintain it that way all the night. Music preferable to all best friends including partying grandma should be played. Consider the following:

The Ceremony Recessional
consider the song “All You Need Is Love” from Beatles and the “City of Blinding Lights” from U2

The Reception Entrance
consider the song “Stay” from Dave Matthews Band and the “Rock’s and me” from Steve Miller Band


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