Best Tunes For Your Big Day

Best Tunes For Your Big Day

So you’ve picked out your dress, filled out the guest list and hired the local caterer company. Agonizing over flower displays and seating arrangements and you are finally done with your months of planning. Or are you? You almost forgot to select the theme song! The theme song can make or break your ceremony, and if you choose it correctly, you can be sure that your wedding will be one that those in attendance never forget. But how do you go about making sure that your song is a perfect fit for your wedding?

Best Tunes For Your Big Day

Just read this article, that’s how! Below are some tips and songs to help you select a piece music to fit the atmosphere that you are aiming to create with your wedding.

Choosing the perfect wedding theme song is a very labor intensive process. Trying to find a song that is a suitable length, expresses the attitudes and atmosphere that your wedding is trying to present, and sits in the perfect range of being relevant and meaningful to all of your guests. I hope the tips presented in this article assisted in the process of choosing your wedding theme song, and I wish anyone reading this a very long and happy marriage.

Best Tunes For Your Big Day

The Reception Entrance
such as “Baby I’m yours” from Arctic Monkeys and “La La Love You” from Pixies

The First Dance
they include the “First Day of My Life” from Bright Eyes and “the Question” from the Old 97’s

The Father-Daughter Dance
“the Gracie” by the Ben Folds and the “Flood of Sunshine” by Posies

The Mother-Son Dance
the “Opened My Eyes” from Straw Dogs and the “Only You” from Joshua Radin

All-American wedding style

The style consist of giant, outdoor rock concerts. The wedding mixes tradition with plenty of fun. The concerned parties pack dance floor and maintain it that way all the night. Music preferable to all best friends including partying grandma should be played. Consider the following:

The Ceremony Recessional
consider the song “All You Need Is Love” from Beatles and the “City of Blinding Lights” from U2

The Reception Entrance
consider the song “Stay” from Dave Matthews Band and the “Rock’s and me” from Steve Miller Band


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